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About PAC                          

Patient Advocacy Council, Inc. (PAC) is an independent, central Institutional Review Board (IRB) founded in 1999 by individuals with a large breadth of experience in many different areas of clinical research.

PACís mission is to advocate the conduct of ethical research through dedicated board members and sound procedures that exceed regulations governing human participant research.

Understanding the regulatory environment and staying abreast of the regulations outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations is of paramount importance to every PAC board member. This serves to protect the interests of its clients and everyone involved in the conduct of each clinical trial.

Beyond this foundation of rigorous oversight, PAC is committed to providing excellent customer service to sponsors, physician investigators, and medical centers. 

For a more complete view of PAC's business model, see our online snapshot.

Corporate Values

PAC is committed to four key corporate values, which it shares with its parent company, Compass Point Research.    Those values are:  Integrity, Loyalty, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and Customer Service.


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